2019 Disney Trip – Day 3

Today I headed out without Son and his family because G.son #2 had been up in the middle of the night with DIL.  I figured that they needed to get a little more sleep.  I left a note.

I hung out with my sister and her group. This day was overcast and a little cold, eventually even raining a little bit.  We made a bee-line to Radiator springs for fast-passes for all in the party to ride the car ride.  One of the most popular rides, at least with our group.  Here and there we saw families of ducks


No squirrels anywhere though.


Having acquired our fast-passes we broke into smaller groups and headed out from Radiator springs to various places throughout the park.

As we crossed over to Pixar Pier, I saw this:


Being that this is Cousin A’s last name, I had to send a pic of it to her!

Waiting for the larger group to finish on the scary ferris wheel, TT rotated the large granite ball.


While we were waiting, the ride next to us opened up. B, TT and I got in line to try our hand at a shooting gallery

B sporting her sexy ride glasses


double fans on the ceiling of the shooting gallery ride

Niece H was cold and didn’t have a jacket.  I gave her my checked hoodie.  Without even trying, we stumbled upon Mrs. Incredible face character. H was super excited and waited to give her a hug. H was very pleased with herself.

About this time, Son and his family met up with us.


The day before, some of our party had ridden on the Monsters Inc. ride and really liked it.  Brother checked the Disney app and the line was very short, so we headed over.


It was a great ride. Well done, especially the room in the factory with all the doors moving about.  A majority of the group headed for scary rides, so G.son#2 and I headed over to Storybook land and King Arthur’s carousel.


One of the amazing things about Disneyland was the landscaping.  Everywhere there was perfectly manicured plants.  While waiting in line for a ride, we entered right under this beautiful wisteria.


Back at home the wisteria wouldn’t bloom for at least another month.


This was a “photo” area and G.son#2 liked the flowers

Mary Poppins’ horse

At G.son#2’s request (I did not even suggest it, even if I do love-love carousels) we road the carousel again. The line was relatively short, probably because of the clouds and rain (sprinkles actually).

In spite of the warning from a friend that Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride isn’t really for little kids, we also rode it.


Walking up the path, he saw a cup from the spinning tea cup ride and proclaimed, “look grandma, a coffee cup!”  You bet he wanted a pic in it!


After this pic we just HAD to ride the tea cups again

Enter a caption

As we were standing in line to ride, Alice and the Mad Hatter were riding the tea cups.  They rode two times and left as we were picking out our teacup.  G.son#2 thought Alice was pretty.

Leaving this ride we heard from Son and DIL.  They were in Tomorrow Land. We headed over to meet up with them. While we were waiting we snapped a pic with “CPO”.


Meeting up with the rest of our party, it was time to head back to the hotel for naps.  While walking through Main street we passed by Minnie and stopped for photos


Upon reaching the hotel, after stopping for lunch, we found this note:

Enter a caption

Most of the mentioned time was during naptime, so didn’t cause much hassle to us. Before naps the boys enjoyed their treat.

Later that day we headed back to the park and stayed until well after dark.  We were exhausted by the end of the day.