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2021 – Year in Review


January of 2021 started off strong with the completion of a multiple mend to a co worker’s coat. Mostly though the month was filled with projects that hadn’t been completed, such as DIL’s Christmas gift and the repair to the sewing machine cabinet’s drawers.

DW was also busy this year! In amongst the usual life stuff, He kept moving forward with house projects. Why not start working on the outside of the house in January, I always say (I don’t really say that). Finally taking down the rotted, termite infested shed that was blocking the view from the kitchen window of downstairs apartment. The shed had been made of non-pressure treated wood and mounted directly to the ground. It never really had a chance. As the shed was being taken down, DW put in sturdy footings and posts. This was important because the shed was holding up the kitchen addition that had been done sometime in the house’s past. I am of the belief that it would be very bad if 1/2 of the kitchen (including pantry) fell off.


For being the shortest month of the year, I was pretty busy! Mending completed included my new white running vest, finishing the sewing machine drawers, replacing the Team Oregon badge on my rain coat, repairing a torn hem on a favorite skirt, replaced shot elastic in knit skirt, fixed sleeve on one of my running shirts, repaired DW’s running gloves, and fixed re-usable shopping bag. I also started a repair on the feet of my antique rocking chair. :-/ I really should have done more research before jumping in and creating more work for myself. I hope to finish that in 2022.

In amongst all this mending I contemplated superpowers, discovered Death Wish coffee, experienced an ice storm, and completed the Taji 100 challenge (101.46 miles in 66 hours, 53 minutes). Bravely continued working on the Harry Potter Clock Blanket, the Dolly Dearest project, the Earendil shrug, the Flower of the month quilt block embroidery (January), the Dr. Who flour sack towels (Tardis), and started on the potluck cowl.

I was able to finish one of the Dr. Who flour sack towels (K-9), and a pair of flannel PJ bottoms for each grandson.


True to my form, projects were started over. The shrug was started over because too many cumulative errors. the cowl because I had a new idea for the color placement. The Harry Potter blanket because I could not get the coffee stain out. The 12 days of Christmas quilt because it had to be taken off the frame to make room for another project.

Things that actually were finished: The dolly dearest socks, mending elastic on my laundry bag, and fixing the holes in Pixie’s favorite blankie,

April saw my first class of teaching after recovering from two surgeries at the beginning of march. I managed to complete more mending: repair of turtleneck, of net washing bag, and the soles of new gardening boots. I continued to make progress with ongoing projects and started only one new one, a cocoon and hats for new grand daughter

Finally some finished projects! The pot luck cowl and one of the two hats for the new baby.

This month came to a sweet finish with a visit from the charm quilt faerie!


June was a wonderful month for getting things finished. Mending included: repairing the metal nose band of DW’s favorite mask (yes, it has come to having favorites), Replace the elastic on two of LK’s mask with longer elastic, added hook & loop tape to the ties on my new apron, replaced the button on hair drying towel, mended the zipper on mesh washing bag (a different one than the last one), repaired a button and bar on blue dress and secured the loose buttons on my cute pink dress.

New projects were also completed! Upon request from Gson#2, 2 bow ties and 5 long ties were made. 12 days of Christmas quilt was finally finished, right down to the label.

I also participated in Knit in Public day and began sharing The Oregonian’s Mondernestic quilt serial newspaper blocks from the 1930’s.


Makes: 2 soft fabric books for baby. Iron yarn challenge. Dalek towel.

Started sharing a second newspaper serial  the Nancy Page – Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt blocks by Florence LaGanke.

DW finally had unscheduled time and was able to work on the outside of the house again. Time to remove the vinyl siding on the back of the house and replace with Hardiplank. Off came the vinyl, only to expose more termite damage. :-/ After replacing the damaged wood and treating the whole area for the pests, the siding went up without issue.

Now on a roll, DW installed the kitchen back splash! It is so pretty. 😀


Apparently there is nothing to see here.


In 2020 DW had taken down the rotten, unstable, slippery, scary main back deck. Completely down. Nothing left except the support poles. Then he built it back from scratch. Including the waterproof decking because it is the cover for the patio downstairs, where his parents living in the downstairs apartment.

This month was the time to replace the small deck off the master bedroom. One of the reasons that the decks needed to be replaced is that they had been built with the support beams cantilevered under the main floor of the house (and not nailed to the joists), made out of non-pressure treated wood. They were causing the floor inside to lift in spots. This made the decks really bouncy. I don’t like heights and the bouncy didn’t help. It also means that I can’t help very effectively on these types of projects. As long as the railing was still on the deck, I felt secure enough to help remove the old vinyl siding and residual nails. After that, DW was on his own. By September the weather was heading toward fall and getting less outside-project friendly by the day. It was a race to finish the siding before the rains arrived. The siding was up, painted, and the deck was built before quits had to be called. Next year, the railing!

September was productive for me too! New grandbaby’s knit blanket with crocheted trim was finished. I am very pleased with myself. It was has an easy pattern that I was able to do on the knitting machine. Son’s coat was repaired and several of Nancy Page’s Grandmother’s flower garden blocks were finished.


October wasn’t all about getting things done. It was also about spending time with family. 🙂

Son, Gson#1, Gson#2. and I all went to hike Ape Cave. It was A LOT of fun. Then there was Gdau’s first trip to the pumpkin patch.

More flower blocks were completed for Grandma’s flower garden quilt.


As the holidays were swiftly approaching (and we were hosting Thanksgiving supper), DW asked if I would like the flooring installed in the kitchen and pantry. WOULD I EVER! 😀 It looks amazing! The only snag was that this flooring color is no longer made and we didn’t quite have enough. The solution was to piece in a different kind in the pantry. With the edges being in black and the center being in a wood grain, it looks very intentional. I like it very much. Now the Gsons will not be able to ask me, “Grandma, why don’t you have a floor?” when they come over.

More flowers for my quilt! I also finished the surprise quilt for my sister’s Christmas gift. 😉 I just squeaked the stockings in by Thanksgiving.


In the rush to Christmas, not a lot was finished except for the candies. The only exception was the Christmas Letter Sweaters.

Grandma Magic is still alive!