A Nice Long Weekend with Lady Friends

Recently I spent a nice long weekend with some of my lady friends.  It was especially wonderful because I hadn’t seen any of these friends for a very long time.  We were all coming together for some special occasion dress shopping.  I stayed with my friend LB and her fiancé, in the cutest little house on Coronado, California.


Each morning LB and I got up and went for an early morning walk.  In fact, I got well above my step goal every day on this trip!  There are so many charming homes. During our walks, if we weren’t looking at the homes then we were admiring the profusion of plants. Morning walk, day #1:

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We all met up for lunch at JRDN.  The last time I had seen these ladies was for LB’s 50th birthday…That was FOUR YEARS AGO!!!

Fortified with lunch and mimosas, we headed out on foot for a little shopping.  On the way to the Blenders sunglass shop, we stopped in at Dirty Birds for celebratory Jamison shots with a pickle back.  😀

There were interesting things to see on the walk to the sunglass shop, including the sunglass shop itself.


The main reason for this gathering of girlfriends was to shop for wedding dresses for LB’s upcoming nuptials.

There were too many gowns to see in any one given appointment.  We had a lot of fun seeing LB in all her selections, especially the “T-Rex” gown!

After an exhausting evolution of wedding dress trying on, we headed for lunch.

Being still full from earlier in the day, a couple of us opted for just dessert. YUM! My absolute favorite about this restaurant… the NOTICE TO PATRONS sign!

Once the family home (60 years worth) of LB’s fiancé.
Mirrored decreases = armhole as the front neckline. :-/

If you know me at all, you will have assumed that I took some form of project with me. You’d be correct.  On this trip I had a layover on the way down and on the way back. Perfect times to work on a portable project. Also, little odd moments here and there.

After having done the back of the sweater first, I didn’t read the instructions thoroughly and assumed that the decreases on one side would be mirrored on the other.  Nope.  sigh. I caught my mistake as I was finishing the second front side piece.  This mistake harkens back to my first sweater ever, when I did ALL of my underarm decreases at the neckline.  It made for a VERY LONG V necked fisherman’s sweater. If DW had wanted to wear gold chains (a la Mr. T) he would have been able to with no problems.

With a dramatic sigh, I “did a Lorri” (frogged) back to the beginning of the error and fixed my mistake. I have been told that I really get the full value from my yarns because I knit, frog and re-knit frequently.

Not all of our walks were in the mornings.  We also had time for walks in the afternoons as well:

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On the final day’s morning walk we took LB’s finance, GH, with us.  We headed into downtown Coronado for a light breakfast at Panera and some window shopping.

We both managed to find a couple of cute things to take home with us…

It was an amazing weekend, spent with wonderful friends. I can’t wait to do it again!


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