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Labor Day 2018

No big plans for this holiday this year.  Or any year, really.  It is nice to have it off of work, as a holiday but no earth shattering plans.  I actually started the day by checking online to see if my doctors’ office was open.  It was not, but they helpfully mentioned that the urgent care WOULD be open at 10am.  So, THAT  was my BIG plan for today.

On Saturday, the grandsons, Pixie and I walked almost a mile to the nearby park to meet up with the RWB, Salem chapter, for a picnic.  Unfortunately for me, the yellow jackets thought they had been invited as well.  One of their gang took a dislike to my being there and stung me in the back of my upper arm.  A couple of days of swelling, heat, and redness later… my wrist, elbow and shoulder joint were hurting too.  Hence the trip to the Urgent Care Clinic.

I was about 10th in line waiting for them to open.  The service was friendly and quick (relatively speaking – compared to the visit to the ER earlier in the week). One prescription for a steroid – no fuss, no muss, nearly in and back out again.  On my way to my place to pack for the trip.

“Wait, what trip?”, you might ask.  You might be thinking that I already said I didn’t have any big plans for the holiday.  I don’t.  This trip is something else, unrelated to this holiday and it starts tomorrow… soooo after the holiday is already finished.  It is a motorcycle trip!  One of many stops but no real final destination.  It has been many years since I have been on a motorcycle trip and never on my beautiful Gwendolyn.

Gwendolyn is my Triumph Tiger 800.  She has white paint with shiney metal flake.  Her seating position is really nice for me and my aging shoulders that no longer enjoyed long trips on Birdie (Triumph Speed four).  I hadn’t wanted to name her Gwendolyn, but she insisted.  I tried to talk her into much more fantasy inspired names, but she was having none of it.  So, Gwendolyn she is. (named after the lady character in the Wallace and Gromit movie “The Curse of the Were-Rabbit”)

I will not be posting a Mending post or a Workbasket post this week.  I figured that I would have plenty on my plate, just taking this trip.  I would like to share my trip with you though.

Stay tuned for further adventures…

Ride Report – Day 1