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Laguna Seca -Day 8

Awoke to the last day of the trip. This morning started as most had, with a run.  With no set direction in mind we set off, turning here and there as we came to an intersection, enticed by interesting looking historic homes. For fear of another graceless fall, I hadn’t brought my camera phone.  The only goal of this run being a coffee shop downtown that we had noticed on our walk yesterday afternoon.  We managed to run 4.25 miles.

As we came out to load up the bikes to leave, an older gentleman approached us to talk about the bikes.  (I haven’t mentioned this happening before, but it does happen quite frequently)  He told us that he had been travelling with his wife in their RV, but it had broken down and was being repaired. In the meantime, they had been staying in Eureka and driving around in the vehicle that they had been towing behind their RV


Just to recap that story… new RV – broken down.  Neat old car – working like a charm.  They really don’t make things like they used to.

While DW and the gentleman were talking, a lady approached me and told us to stay safe on our ride.


As it turns out, she is a Harley rider from New York and a pinup model by the name of Kimmy-Sue.  She is the National Founder for “Pin Ups for a Cause”.  She was just packing up to head back home with her service dog Baloo, a sweet Pitbull tripod.  When travelling by motorcycles you meet the nicest, most interesting people!

Breakfast was at Samoa Cookhouse.  I never get tired of eating there.

Upon arriving home, our dogs planted themselves in our laps and refused to move.  I think they might have missed us…

Daily stats:

Running: 4.25 miles

steps: 11,752

miles ridden: 400

seat time: 7 hours 39 minutes

Trip totals:

running: 18.54

steps: 87925

ridden: 1776.3 miles

seat time: 31 hours 56 minutes

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