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Laguna Seca – Day 6

Arriving in Moss Landing, to have breakfast at The Lighthouse, we were disappointed to find that it was closed.  Apparently they are always closed on Mondays. We had passed a little café on our way to The Lighthouse.  We had never eaten there and it was open. We headed back to the Moss Landing Café.

The waitress was super friendly and the food was good.  We also happened to sit next to a family that was also from Oregon. I’ve been told that I can’t be taken anywhere without running into someone that I know or that I have something in common with.  😀

Close by, there was a coffee shop with a cute logo,  Steamin’ Hot Coffee & Espresso. This is where we went to make the travel plans for the day. Around the coffee shop were these trees. From a past trip with his Wife, Son had brought a seed from this kind of tree.

None of us have any idea what type of tree it is.  Son proclaimed it the doot-doot nut tree.  Anyone have an idea as to the identity of these trees?

The plan was to end up in Red Bluff at the end of the day so we could eat at The Sugar Shack for tomorrow’s breakfast. The further inland we went, the hotter it got. It was hot, but not the hottest we have ridden in.  Coming down a slight hill, into a little valley full of farms that were watering with huge sprinklers, the air thickened with humidity.  It wasn’t long before it was time for gas and ice cream.  We stopped in ___________. Not only was it a gas station, but also had a really neat gift shop.  Inside there were two separate sections full of various hot sauces.  Even the hot sauces that we had tried during breakfast in Santa Rosa.  Bought all four flavors for Son.  Even in the honey section there was a hot version.


Breakfast at The Sugar Shack was the reason that we chose to go to Red Bluff. Tina had changed her location since we had been there last September. The new location was perfect for us, being located right next to a hotel.  A hotel that actually had motorcycle parking!

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At the hotel manager’s suggestion we walked down the street to the China Doll restaurant (in an old mission style taco bell building).

The sushi was the best that I have ever had!

Daily Stats:


steps: 2,107

miles ridden: 282

seat time: 4 hours 24 minutes