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Workbasket – Teaching Again! :D

I am excited and happy that we are finally teaching motorcycle safety classes again!  Because of Covid there has been a break in teaching for the last 4 months.  While all of us instructors have been cooling our heels, statistics show that motorcylce sales have gone way up. Now that we are back to teaching, there is a LONG waiting list and backlog.  If the location has multiple ranges, we are running on them.  All of our classes have been shifted to on-line classes. Each range can accommodate two classes each weekend day.  This equals A LOT OF STUDENTS.  😀  We have been busy, busy, busy. It has been great fun!

This doesn’t leave me with much left over energy for much workbasket time, but there has been progress since my last, long-a-go, post:


Sonic Screwdrivers. One done, one to go

That’s all for now.  I hope you are all well and practicing self care!