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Ride Report – Day 4

Ride Report – Day 3

September 7, 2018

Because we had stayed in Eureka, CA – Breakfast was to be at Samoa Cookhouse (again… “of course”).


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They also do a wonderful lunch and dinner here too.  I like eating here for the food and for the surroundings.  It reminds me of the stories my grandmother told me from when she worked at a logging camp cookhouse as a 16 year old.

We left Eureka at 9:12am and arrived in Willow Creek @10:28 for a distance of 171.6 miles.

We entered Hyampom, CA by 11:58am.  The air was super smokey!

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Back in Willow Creek by 1:38pm for another 53.1 miles

The greatest challenge of this day was the drive into and out of Forks of Salmon, CA.  At one point, DW asked (over the helmet to helmet communication) if I, “was still back there”?  I responded that I was but that, “the road was very edgy” and that “I am in first gear and doing my best”.  See, I am fearful of drop-off edges or cliff edges.  The road we took in was 1.5 cars wide with “bites” taken out of the drop-off edge.  But, that’s ok, because there were plenty of pot-holes to keep me entertained.  I did eventually make it to the other end.

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While we were there we saw A REAL LIFE WORKING PAY PHONE!!!  I haven’t seen one of those since the 1980’s!  The mail lady came out of the post office and visited with us for awhile.  She was also a motorcycle rider!  The ride out was better than the ride in.  The road was mostly paved.

Then we headed to Medford, OR and stopped for dinner at RAM pub.  The air was the smokiest air we had seen/smelled the whole trip.  We left Medford at 7:22pm.

By 8:19pm it was WAY dark.  We stopped in Wolf Creek, OR for our last gas stop before home.

The whole day was around 600 miles.  I was exhausted and super glad to be home.  Riding in the dark is not my favorite, especially when I am tired and my “rider readiness” is impaired.

All in all, it was a good trip.  😀