Weekend Wanderings – Mystery street of beautiful houses


Growing up, from my fourth grade year until graduating High School we lived in the same house.  During Junior High and Senior High Schools I would walk the 2 miles each way.  Twice a day I would pass this street, always intending to walk down the street and look at the homes along the drive.  This street intrigued me because it reminds me of the streets in Portland Oregon that have lovely large old homes on the hill.  A couple of weeks ago I drove my little car down the road.  It turned out to be a loop with many beautiful homes, but it was super hard to get a good look at the homes while trying to pay attention to driving my vehicle.  This past weekend, while walking from home from going to breakfast, I took that side trip!

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It was very gratifying.

I also discovered that there was another road of beautiful homes.

That road was saved for another day so I could have that to look forward to!!

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