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Workbasket on Vacation

Pixie enjoying convertible life

It is September again, time to travel. This year the puppies were included in the planning phase. Car instead of motorcycles, convertible instead of egg. Why car? Much easier to take dogs, much more space for anything packed or purchased along the way. Why convertible? Why not? Just pack sunblock and we are good. We had a number of quick stops planned for a friend’s future project. Other than that no real plans and a whole week off of work to enjoy the trip.

On the way through Sweet Home, we spotted this A&W drive-in. What could be a more perfect place to have lunch while in a convertible? After a couple of planned stops further along the road, we doubled back. Sadly, many other people had the same idea of having lunch at the drive-in. We lucked out to even find a parking spot for the car (in the shade – we were very lucky indeed). There were two outdoor tables to choose from, we chose the one with the most shade. Providing Naughtiness and Mischief with ambient temperature water (Pixie DOES NOT like cold water), the order was called in and we waited. A chilly dog, grilled mushroom burger and rootbeer float later we were back on the road.

Final destination for the day… Crescent City.

A striking sunrise

The next morning all four of us walked to the closest coffee hut. Pixie needs her morning taste of foam from my chai. With the world placed back on it’s axis, we headed to breakfast. In this time of COVID, finding breakfast while travelling is trickier than usual. (yes, we could have hit the nearest drive through, but we could have stayed at home for that experience). Accessing the inter-webs on my phone helped to locate the nearest Apple Peddler restaurant that was open and accepting dine-in customers. Puppers waited in the car (with the top up and fastened), that was parked in the shade on a cool coastal morning, while we went hunting.

After hitting breakfast, and our last planned stop of the day we headed to Eureka. While poking at my phone, I discovered that not only was California burning down, but Oregon was also. Quickly calling home to check on the cellar-Dwellers (DW’s parents – and the cellar is a very nicely kitted out apartment that was created for them) eased our minds that all was well with them. Only to have this shortly turned on its head by a text from Son, letting us know that the city 20 minutes East of home was placed on level 2 for evacuations. This text was quickly followed by a panicked call from the C-Ds, wondering how long it would take us to get back home. At that time we were about 5 miles North of Eureka. ASAP we turned around and headed North. A quick check-in with Trip-Check showed that I-5 was closed at a point near the Cali/Oregon border. We stayed on the coast, checking frequently for additional road closures between the coast and the valley. Air quality was much varied along the way.

Entering Salem, around 5pm the sky turned dark red and then dark like night. Despite being super dark, the visibility was decent for a long way.

View behind us as entering the premature darkness in front of us.

We were very glad to finally arrive at home:

But wait! I can hear you asking, “Isn’t this a Workbasket post?” I did take a project with me to work on. Something that was nearly mindless and easy to work on while passengering. No fancy knitting patterns, repeats or color changes. On the Dolly Dearest project I had the goal of 8 inches of garter stitch in No.10 crochet thread. I worked on it both days of our “vacation”. At least until the smoke got too smokey and my eyes got too stingy.

not quite 8 inches

2 thoughts on “Workbasket on Vacation

  1. I loved hearing about your adventure! I’m getting stir crazy to get on the road myself. I’m looking for a used van with decent gas mileage that is fitted out to eat, sleep and have enough room for me and my girl to travel. I want to take several trips before I’m too aged to safely be able to. My nephew in PA has been begging me to go visit him and his family as well as see some of the historical sites in the NE of the country. I’ve never been there and think now might be the time. I would also use it to camp with my daughter and family. We can’t sleep in the same space because I snore too much and I’m not as excited about pitching a tent as I once was. Don’t mind cooking outside if there is a canopy(which I have) but tenting is a little too much when the weather is bad. I’m rambling so you can tell I’m sitting at home and haven’t had human conversation today! Loved your post, Lady!