She’s So Pretty!

Ever since I was a teenager, I have admired Nash Metropolitan cars. While returning home from a five mile run we passed this lovely lady:


I had to go back and pet her!  She needs a little work, but isn’t she lovely?



4 thoughts on “She’s So Pretty!

  1. I can imagine you behind the wheel, driving it , smiling big and feeling satisfied with a dream come true. Totally, girl!

  2. You have good taste! My Dad drove a 1959 Nash Metropolitan to work for many years. He drove it from NE Portland to Beaverton (then considered a long work commute) to work at Tektronix. We had to have two cars then because four kids didn’t quite fit! It was strictly a work vehicle. When I got my first real job, I had to get a car. I worked at Hyster in NE Portland and then they promoted me to a position at their Test Center in Gresham. As luck would have it, my best friend’s Dad was selling a 1959, PINK, Nash Rambler with front seats that followed down into a full size bed! He charged me $100! I had that car for several years and got lots of comments on my Pink or Pinko car! Ah, memories!!

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