Throwback Thursday ~ McCall’s 1970 ~ Past Projects

Past Projects ~ Clothes

Remember when I posted about finding the Spring-Summer 1970 McCall’s  Needlework & Crafts magazine? I had shared the outfit that inspired me to snatch up the magazine and the pink dress that LoriB had chosen to be made…first.  There was so much more that I still want to share with you.

the first is the letter from the Editor-In-Chief ~ Nan Comstock

It strikes me that this message sounds like it could have been written today.  It mentions Knitted and crochet fashions for beachwear with see-through looks. I have been seeing lots of crocheted tops, dresses, and loose flowing jackets for sale in multiple big brand stores. Of course shawls and scarves are timeless items that never really go out of style.  Art Deco lines, hot colors of Mexico, nostalgia, & Battenberg lace are all things that are at the forefront of today’s trends as they apparently were in 1969!  There are also projects that are questionable to my current sensibilities, like the “light post planter with a tooled foil mailbox”. Let’s take a look at the projects on offer.

Fashion Boutique:

Essential fashions for 1970: wrap-up shawls, skinny scarves to toss on, wind on, and drape.

  • Melon-Toned Shawl : warm coral wrap-up in garter stitch, a big triangle, slightly shaped for better draping
  • Flower Shawl : lacy flower triangle of frothy acrylic yarn, is made by winding rosettes on a loom and crocheting them together
  • Flower Duet : flower-striped shift with its own scarf that alternates bands of chain stitch “daisies” and narrow rows of chain loops.

Fishnets and Flowers:

Lacy pants, little dresses, a pretty bikini cool the summer beach scene – all in crochet

  • Riviera pants set : follows a slim line, flares for bell pants. The mesh is made of chain loops, the borders are flower motifs.
  • Flower Beach Dress : is scattered with applique blooms. The mesh stitch and the straight shape make it simple to crochet.
  • Bikini & cover-up dress : combine openwork crochet with pattern. the bikini is all leaves and flowers with the matching zip-front dress has a matching border.

Summer Sunwear:

Young-world casuals in sun-bright colors will set the pace for warm, carefree summer days.

  • Checked Quartet : beach bag and cover-up team with 2-piece, front-buttoned swimsuit crocheted in same pattern
  • Bow-Tied swimsuit : 3 big bows march down front of 2-piece swimsuit knitted in stockinette stitch
  • Striped Swimsuit : wide stripes in red and white are worked in rows of single, double crochet. front, bank are the same.
  • Checkerboard set : checkerboard cover-up in single crochet slips over a solid green 2-piece swimsuit
  • Bermudas & Top : crocheted afghan-square pants are paired with knited ribbed top.

Casuals to Crochet:

Reflecting the cooler look in fashions – five dresses crocheted for day-into-evening wear

  • Sailor Skimmer : middy-Collared dress is crisp & easy to make in chain and single crochet. sleeves are set in, bordered collar sewn in.
  • Banded skimmer : Bold bands of sunny yellow & blue define chic white skimmer with military precision. the “epaulet” strips are accented with buttons. Font zipper closing.
  • Lacy white column : wide bands of swirling shells are joined with filet crochet
  • Lace-Top dress : A front-buttoned dress teams lacy top with smooth skirt worked in a variation of double crochet
  • Long-Line Lace Dress : late-day lace long-line top,m easily worked in chain stitch & double crochet that ends in a flip of a skirt.

Young-look crisp knits:

Sharp patterns, vivid tones say “a collection of new-mood styles”.

  • Long-Line Vest : mini-stripes enliven “long pull” of a vest, all in garter stitch, with crocheted edging.
  • Girl’s Zippered jacket : “brickwork” patterns a trim topper for paints. Jacket, styled with raglan sleeves and a zipper closing and plain stockinette belt.
  • Chevron Stripe Dress : 2-piece dress has top banded with Aztec motifs. Skirt is knit in round with fan-pleated effect. For the “total costume” look, add long fringed scarf.
  • Plaid and Plain Dress : yellow and blue dress has skirt and top sewn together for smooth line, closes with a back zipper. flat ribbing edges sections with knit-in plaid.
  • High-Top Dress : white-top dress starts with high, close-to-body shaping, then bells out for an easy skirt. Add third color belt through kitted tabs.

Updated Classics:

  • Shell-Edged Suit : lime suit of wool boucle pairs a slim skirt and hip-length jacket, ribbon-trimmed in crochet. Buttons inside front edge make a invisible closing.
  • Long jacket Suit : checked suit crocheted in tweed and plain yarn in a timeless style, highlighted by sleeve details and lively pattern
  • Elegant Coat : white coat, the essence of chic, has a gently flared skirt ringed with puffed patterns, a narrow top buttoned high to small stand-up collar.

Soft look and shining:

  • Rose-Lilac Suit : skirt is gathered slightly at the elasticized waistband and flares smoothly from hips. a straight sided little jacket and pompomed cord complete outfit.
  • Evening Cardigan : long and relaxed cardigan. Low-pointed V-neck, silver checks made with knit-in overlay stitch, and silver mesh crocheted around edge – no buttonholes needed.
  • Silver Chevron Dress : Crocheted chevrons in silver light up lean, spare silhouette. Jeweled buttons decorate snapped shoulders, high neck is square.
  • Lace Panel Dress : panel of crocheted lace fills the front of gently fitted knit dress. the stitch is reverse stockinette with crocheted edging all around

Sleeveless & Long:

The new multi-layered look pairs sleeveless sweaters with shirts.

  • Hand-in-Hand Duo : garter stitch pullovers are knit identically with V-necks, patch pockets. Directions for matching belt included.
  • Long Plaid Cardigan : bold plaid is formed by knit-in horizontal stripes, vertical lines are crocheted in later. Armhole, center border accents are garter stitch.
  • Woven Crochet Tunic : easy to crochet tunic has a filet base in 3 colors, then same colors are woven through mesh vertically. Mock lace-up closing trims front.

Country club casuals:

New yarns and ideas spark this fashion quartet – one to crochet, 3 to knit.

  • Scarf & Vest Set : pastel diamonds mark fronts of soft, knit vest and matching long, lined scarf. Neckline is high, rounded
  • Blue Mist Vest : buttoned vest is tightened at the waist with ribbing, has wider ribbing detail at sides.
  • Windowpaned Pullover : classic V-neck pullover has bold design. Horizontal lines are knit-in, verticals crocheted afterward
  • Man’s Crocheted Sweater : tennis sweater is in double crochet with cross-cluster stitch to resemble a cable. Hip, sleeve, neckline trims are knitted.

Folk-art fashions styled for leisure

Separates are the now, i-thing to wear. Norse sweater and Tyrolean vest have traditional embroidery. Dirndl is American “patchwork”

  • Cover Cardigan : floral motifs repeated around the circular yoke give a lively peasant charm. worked in stockinette stitch on circular needle, with 2 ribs of reverse stockinette out-lining yoke.
  • Embroidered Vest : knitted in stunning Aran patterns has delicate pink and rust Alpine flowerets and green leaves fro embroidery accents. Crocheted edges.
  • Patchwork Skirt : fun skirt with a look inspired by great-grandma’s “patchwork”. Long strips of “patches”, worked in simple knitting patterns and brilliant variety of colors, are joined – sewn to crocheted panels in bright colors. 3 crocheted bands finish the bottom. Dirndl skirt has a crocheted waistband which ties at side.

Sportswear for sun & sand:

New nautical fashions for seaside swingers in bright flag colors and now, young styles.

  • Crocheted Bikinis : quickly and easily made in slipper stitch crochet. white is trimmed with tassels and red ties at sides.
  • Girl’s Nautical Set : with brass-buttoned epaulets and banded pants, is a boardwalk classic. Top, Pants are knitted circular.
  • Anchor Set : anchors and bands are colorful trims for stylish nautical knit. Both pieces are kitted tubular, drawstring adjusts waist.
  • Skinny-Top Set : features a mini ribbed midriff, tabbed pockets trimmed with brass buttons. th pants are knitted circular.

Lace & Lattice Crochet:

Tops that Sparkle and glow – shining crochet with silky party pants.

Medallion Lace Top/ Big Mesh Tie-On
  • Medallion Lace Top : lace medallions form see-through midriff of Italian blouse. Motifs are sewn together, joined to double-crochet top.
  • Big Mesh Tie-On : layer of latticework is crochet. Easy make one to match any outfit. Tie it as shown or lace up the sides.

A bouquet for baby:

A summery set to knit for sweet baby, plus clutch-able crib toys

  • Flower Garden Baby Set : pretty flowers all in rows dress up baby for an outing. Knit-in pattern is repeated in 4 soft colors. A bonnet, sacque, and bootees, and in knitting worsted for carriage robe. Trim bonnet with a pompomed cord.
  • Tiny Bunny : knit in stockinette stitch with knitting worsted and is cotton-stuffed. 7″ from tail to ear tips
  • Woolly Lamb : is made with 2″, 4″ Weave-It Loom squares. Loops of yarn placed on masking tape are machine-sewn for a fleecy coat.

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