Workbasket – Knit Baby Set

Don’t get too excited but… Two workbaskets in one week!  I have been working on this vintage Baby Set:


I googled “vintage knit layette patterns” and found it on Free Vintage Knitting website. I headed over to JoAnn’s to pick up some very light yellow yarn, or that’s how it appeared in the store.  (enter yarn brand here)

In different lighting it appears like it might be some version of off-white.  I figured it would be neutral, for any baby.  Then I could possibly add a more specific trim, if  I felt inspired to do so, later on. I also picked up circular needles in the required size.  I believe that I did have straight needles in the correct size, but I started working on this project while travelling by plane.  I didn’t even want to attempt to take long straight needles through TSA lines.

So far, it has worked up easy.  I like doing baby things, they are small and work up quickly. Here is the back of the little sweater:


The odd lighting is due to being in my car on my lunch break.  Less work distractions that way.

I have started on the front too:

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The left and the right are worked separately and are mirror images of each other.  The pattern calls for a zipper to be installed down the center front… we will see what I do when I get that far.

After spending the evening at a local pub, knitting with the ladies, I finished the left side (as you look at it) and started on the right.

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I set off tomorrow for San Diego and wedding dress shopping for my friend LB.  I plan to take this little project with me!


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