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Embroidery is a project that is easy to pack up and take with you.  The Dr.Who towels have traveled to work with me. Lunch breaks allow me to make some progress each day.


Last time I mentioned the blue skirt remake was in WIPs vs. UFOs.  Recently finding myself with a couple of hours free to hang out in the sewing room, I figured that this would be fairly quick.  When I had originally taken the skirt apart, I had also stay stitched all the edges followed by Frey Check.  The fabric is loosely woven and I don’t have any extra. It had been a gift from a friend, so I wouldn’t even know where to look for any more.

As my projects tend to go, I sewed the side seams only to find I had left the wrong side open for the placket. The pattern didn’t call for a placket so there wasn’t a pattern piece for it.  I found burgundy ribbon in THE STASH. I used that for the “placket”.

For the stitches that show on the exterior of the skirt, I used the light blue thread that virtually disappears in the blue fabric.  For the other stitches I used matching red thread. With placket finished the inner raw edge is folded back and stitched down. I imagen that I can use the remaining ribbon when doing the hem.

To tidy up the seams, I folded them both to one side.  They were a little bulky, but I didn’t want to trim the seems at all, just in case.  After felling the seams together to encase the raw edges, I turned the skirt right side around to check the effect.  In the last photo (above) the seam is very obvious from the outside.  This made me change my mind, rip out all the  stitches and finish the seams differently. More on that later.


Last Wednesday we had our first virtual knitting night.  Not all of us were there, but it was wonderful to see and visit with those that could make it.  I worked on this HP blanket, achieving two more hours of progress from what is shown here. Sadly, I achieved my upper limit on exceptable errors for my knitting projects. I pulled it all out and started over. Life lines…

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