Workbasket ~ The Whiny Edition

“Adventures” in crafting

It has been awhile since my last workbasket post and I have been busy and lots to share, but not today. Today I want to wallow in self pity and whine a little bit. Over time I have shared projects that haven’t progressed smoothly for one reason or another.

  • December 18, 2019 ~ getting my money’s worth out of my yarn
  • The many times I lost my place during the Earendil shrug and had to pull out inches and inches of beaded lace before being able to go forward
  • The Denim lace shawl that was originally begun in 2019 and finally finished (after so many false starts) in April of this year.
  • Christmas 2019 ~ Ugly fruitcake
  • February 27, 2019 ~ the retelling of my very first sweater mishap and as an added bonus there is the knitting and reknitting of hats & mittens
  • The Easter sweaters that were frogged, stolen, returned, and sometime during all of this I had managed to get peanut butter on one of them
  • speaking of coffee, there was the coffee spill that caused me to re-knit an entire project
  • (I could go on and on, but that is some of the highlights that stand out in my mind)

That leads up to tonight’s “adventure”. As I believe that I have mentioned before, Wednesdays are knit night. 6-8pm is the weekly stitch’n’bitch with the group. Tonight it was just 2 of us, Wilma and myself. Before Wilma arrived I managed to spill my entire cup of fresh hot coffee into my project bag. The project bag that contained my current project, a pretty superwash wool cabled cardigan. In the bag was the completed back, the completed right front, the l/2 completed left front, and 2 balls of yarn.

Good thing the yarn is brown! I rushed it all to the sink and rinsed it thoroughly with cold water, gently squeezed it out, wrapped it in a towel and squeezed it again before hanging it over a towel rack to dry. All except the partially finished left front. That I had to work on. knitting wet wool on wooden needles is a PITA. Thankfully it was only really difficult for that first row. After than the yarn was mostly dry and it was easier going. I do have to say that wet wool smells like… well, wet wool. Not my favorite fragrance, but much better than the smell of dried coffee. :-/

Ok, enough whining. Thank you for indulging my moment of frustration with my clumsy self.

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