WIPs complete & Nearly so:

Earendil shrug:

I keep working away at this project. Before the next step it needs to be 75cm. Which roughly works out to 7+ repeats of the pattern. In the above picture there are 5 repeats. I was on the last row of the 6th before I had to frog it out. :-/

HP Blanket:

This project has stalled a little bit, even with the finish line in sight. It has been gentle stretched and whipped to the cloth covered foam core board.

All that remains it to attach the clock arms in such a way that they can move about when the whimsy strikes. Sounds easier to do then I am finding it. Anyone have any ideas?

12 Days of Christmas Quilt:

Speaking of stalled projects with finish line in sight! All this quilt needs is the label. I even have a label.

It was one that I received at Grandma’s Attic during quilt club, in my birthday month, pre-COVID. (There is still quilt club, just without the in-store classes. This year is the theme is Victory Garden and my chosen color way is Blue & Yellow) I need to write on the label and attach it to the back of the quilt. As no quilt is finished until it has the label on it, I am almost there. (yet another project nearly finished)


Knitting for a New Little One project is a deceptively easy pattern. And yet, I still feel it difficult to stay with it while watching TV. It took me an embarrassing amount of tinking back and forth to complete the newborn size. Thinking while knitting is also dangerous. I had started with the cocoon (a couple of times, to be completely truthful), when I came to the conclusion that the cocoon wouldn’t be a practical item to be stuffing a floppy-ish newborn into. Especially when busy with all the other things that fill one’s life. Changing direction to make the hat first, allowing all the remaining yarn to be knit into a blanket using the same patterning. The actual patterning doesn’t show up well in this photo. It hasn’t been blocked at all. That should make a huge difference.

Potluck Cowl:

Although it took 2+ knitting nights to finish the sewn cast-off, it is now complete! Eyelet rows separating sections of plain knitting make this pattern easy and delicately pretty. The wide variety of colors make it fun! I kept wanting to hurry through each section to see how the next section would look one it’s own and as a whole with the colors of the previous sections. Having first mentioned it here, this project took me just over 30 hours to complete.

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