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Weekend Wanderings – Second Street of Beautiful homes

If you remember back to my first post of weekend wanderings, you know that I had seen another street that I had wanted to explore, but that I had also saved it for another day.

That day had arrived.  The weather was decent and the dogs were willing, so we set off to explore.

One block South from the other street of lovely homes


the naturalistic landscaping makes this house not appear to be TOO modern
I loved the wide welcoming approach to this home



In spite of the moss, these stairs are intriguing.


On the last trip I saw the wonderful terraced back yard of the large brown house at the end of the street.
Pixie waits impatiently while I grab a snap of this beautiful copper door and unique fence.


I love how they repurposed the old concrete pieces into the landscaping


paved paths always call to me


Walther waits by a welcoming brick path leading to a bright red door


natural rock terraced approach to this lovely older home


love this picket fence with the wire added to keep certain small dogs in the yard


This is my favorite kind of fence.  I would want smaller wire inserts because of those certain small dogs

This road was a modified loop.  It actually connected back up with the upper loop of the other street of lovely homes.

We are looking forward to many other walking trips as the weather continues to become more spring like.

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  1. I also liked the copper door and natural rock terraces, especially when they are covered in ivy and moss.

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