2023 Running Progress Update : June & July

Monthly running progress update

A quick review of goals:

  • 700 miles for the year, or
  • 58.34 miles for the month, or
  • 13.47 miles a week, or
  • 1.92 miles per day

For June I ran 11 days for monthly miles of 25.74 (32.6 short of the monthly goal).

We also started going to the gym. We have been trying for 2 days a week, life keeps getting in the way. Consequently we made it only 7 days. Not bad for a start.

For July I ran 14 days for monthly miles of 39.38 (more than June but still short of my monthly goal by 18.96)

Gym days? Only 3 for the whole month, ouch.

Miles are way down and I am further away from my annual goals. This bums me out a little. I REALLY need to increase my miles!

I can hear what you are thinking, I have already posted lots of great plans for getting more miles and there was no follow through. Even signing up for the Spring Women’s Clinic and then doing less than the bare minimum. I’m not proud of my my track record so far this year and I do have lots of reasons excuses for my lack of mileage. I also believe that without a plan, there is no way I will get any miles at all.

So here is my plan for going forward:

  • Fall Women’s clinic (12 weeks) – already signed up. Starts Aug. 1
  • Homer’s Classic 8K – Aug. 6
  • Angry Owl 5K – Aug. 12
  • 2023 Silver Falls Trail Run – 7 miler – Nov. 4
  • Eola Hills Ho Hills Run – 10K – Nov. 12

Annual Recap so far:

  • January: 17.58 (-40.76/mo, -40.76/year)
  • February: 32.75 (-25.59/mo, -66.35/year)
  • March: 44.56 (-13.78/mo, -81.13/year)
  • April: 53.02 (-5.32/mo, -85.45/year)
  • May: 48.02 (-10.32/mo, -95.77/year)
  • June: 25.74 (-32.6/mo, -128.37/year)
  • July: 39.38 (-18.96/mo, -147.33/year)