A Story of Lip Balm

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to go with a friend and her husband out to dinner followed by the modern dance performance of Rinne Harris Funkedified.

(NOTE: this was before Covid-19 had reared it’s ugly head)

Dinner was at Hot Pot City, a Taiwanese restaurant in Downtown Portland.  I hadn’t been to a restaurant like this before. It was like a modified Mongolian grill.  After being seated the hostess asks what kind of broth you want.  While you wait for the broth to arrive, you go to get the ingredients you want for dinner. The ingredients were laid out buffet style. Additionally, there were different ingredients to make your own dipping sauce.  Back at the table the bowl with both in it has been placed on a little cooker.  Inside the bowl there is a divider that separates the two broths from one another (The bowls are shared between two people).  When the broth has gotten up to boiling each person puts all their ingredients into their side of the bowl. Wait a few minutes and all is ready to eat.  I thought that it was yummy, but it is hard to not be good when all the ingredients are ones I like and put in the broth myself.


If you have been here before, you probably already know that I teach motorcycle classes on most weekends (well, I did before Covid-19). This happened to be a teaching weekend.  Standing outside in cold weather all day leaves my lips dry and chapped. For this reason I tend to carry lip balm with me at all times.  When dinner was finished we were sitting at the table waiting for the bill.  Noticing that my lips were feeling especially dry at that moment I reached into my handbag, felt around until finding a lip balm, popped of the lid and commenced applying it to my lips. While starting the first stroke across my lower lip I breathed in deeply (I am a sniffer type person), noticing that it didn’t smell like what I thought it was going to smell like (coconut). The smell was pleasant and it was one that I had smelled before.  My brain was trying to place the smell as I finished the lower lip and started on the top one.  Then I remembered where I had smelled that before… Muscle Balm.


:-/ I immediately grabbed a napkins and began violently rubbing to get it off my lips.  So not fast enough.  My lips were on fire!  Water doesn’t help, it actually seems to make it get hotter.  This product is AMAZING.  It takes care of muscle pain right now and it lasts all day.  It also smells good too. 😉  It does not work at all well as lip balm. That is the last time I will put anything on my lips without looking at it first.

This is the product I thought I was grabbing:


Here they are together:


They are very similar by touch. My first clue that something was wrong was that I thought the coconut one was in my purse at all. This lives at my desk at work. I don’t take it anywhere else.

Then there is the question of why I even carry Muscle Balm with me in my purse.  With sitting all day followed by gym (on some days), running (also only some days), or both (usually Mondays) I tend to  have sore muscles.  Just apply a little product to the problem area and I am good to go.

I highly recommend both products.  Just remember the Muscle Balm is a horrible lip balm.