January 2023 ~ Running Progress Report


This year has gotten off to a very slow start. Couple of health issues and LOTS of cold weather. I’d like to blame being wimpy to getting older, but let’s face it I’ve always been wimpy when it comes to cold weather. I’m pretty sure I used up all my crummy weather mojo running the Cascade 10K on January 15th. Yuck & brrr.

A quick review of goals:

  • 700 miles for the year, or
  • 58.34 miles for the month, or
  • 13.47 miles a week, or
  • 1.92 miles per day

For January I was able to run 6 days for a total of 19.24 miles. A little short of the 58.34 I needed for the month, but I’m ok with that.

Plans going forward include:

  • Continuing Monday Run Days
  • Continuing Friday morning Eagle runs
  • Participating in Taji 100 again this February
  • Already signed up for Zena 6 mile in February
  • Signed up for the gym yesterday (treadmills are much more desirable than cold weather)
  • Already signed up for the Women’s 12 week Spring running clinic that starts in March
  • Already signed up for the 7th Annual Run to Remember 5k in May

Additional plans:

  • run some kind of 10k each month (2020 was supposed to be my year of 10k races, but then covid…)
  • attend the Fall 12 week Women’s running clinic

What are your fitness goals for this year? Do you have any other goals?

bare tree in middle of river with reflection of bare branches in water beneath the tree