Mending Monday – Halloween

This isn’t the mending that I was able to do on Monday, it is the mending I was able to finish since the last time I wrote to you about mending that I have had a chance to mention it.  Actually, not all of it is mending, some is alterations if we are to be truthful with each other.

This was actually a mending project.  As I was gathering the parts of my costume together for the Deepwood Children’s Halloween party, I noticed that one of my American Duchess Edwardian stockings had a hole/ladder in the cuff.  This certainly needed to be fixed sooner rather than later. It wasn’t my most lovely repair job, but it certainly will do.

The superhero costumes that I had gotten for the grandsons needed some alterations.  G.son#1’s Spiderman costume had weird feet things that definitely needed to go.


This was a pretty easy fix.  I cut off the “feet” leaving the finished seam attached to the legs.

Then I turned the finished seam up once and hand hemmed the bottom of the legs

The Batman costume is really pajamas.  I figured that after this weekend, they would have a second, and far more useful, life.  I don’t know what I was thinking when I ordered them.  I remember checking out the sizing chart and everything.  They were HUGE!  The legs and arms needed to be shortened quite a bit.  I had G.son#2 try them on so that I could pin them up.  Then I used contrasting thread to mark where they needed to end.  I cut them off 1-1.5 inches longer than the contrasting stitches.

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Using a very narrow stitch witchery type product I folded the extra in half and ironed it.  Then I folded it again and ironed it.  From there is was easy to sew the hem without fighting it sliding all over the place.

Due to unforeseen circumstances we were unable to make it to the Deepwood Halloween party, but they were able to wear them the next day at the Super Heroes and Villains fun run.

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I think they liked them!

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