Taji 100 – 2022 : Mission Accomplished

Just barely @ 100.10 miles. It was less than last year, but it still counts.

Nearly all of the challenges of last year applied, except the ice storm and related damage.

This year brought a new challenge. Nearly every time I start a run, something hurts. Often times it it more than one thing. As I run, things start to loosen up and the pain goes away. It used to be around the one mile mark. This month it was taking until the 3 mile mark. One particular day it was my lower back, butt cheeks, calves, and arches. It was miserable. At the 3 mile mark, all the pains went away. That day was supposed to be a 4 mile run, but turned into a 6 mile run. I was afraid that if future runs were going to start out so rough that I should get as many miles in while I was not hurting.

Thankfully that was the only time it was that bad.

Running 2022 progress update:

142.61 miles

38 days active