Words of Wisdom

Wisdom Wednesday – When I was a child…


Words of Wisdom (W.O.W.) :

We didn’t have tons of clothes.  I distinctly remember that we got new clothes at certain times of the year:  Easter, Christmas, beginning of school year and maybe for a birthday.  My siblings might say this memory is similar to the one about walking to school, uphill both ways, in the snow.  Clothes were patched or mended and taken care of so as to last longer.

In these future times many of us have vast walk-in closets over-full of clothes that we don’t wear. Occasionally this is noticed causing us to thin out the collection for donation. These clothes go from stuffed-full closets to filling up landfills with synthetic fibers that will not biodegrade.  Even donated clothing often ends up in landfills, without ever being resold. In this time of environmental issues, related to people-created pollution, cast away clothes are filling up landfills with items that will never break down.

You don’t have to believe me, there are many books and papers that have been written on slow fashion vs. fast fashion, benefits of using natural fibers and paying a living wage to clothing workers.

As only one person, what can I do? I can stop buying, especially clothes made from synthetic fibers. I can mend or make-do with what I already own. I can talk with others to spread the word and draw attention to this problem that is all around us, but not seen. I can vote with my dollars. Especially since I will have more dollars, having not spent them on more clothes…