2019 Historical Sew Monthly Challenges announced!!!

2019 Historical Sew Monthly

Squeee!!!  I am excited.  Last year was a bummer year.  I got exactly NONE  of the challenges done, in spite of my initial planning to do so many.  This year I am GOING to do some (with the intent of doing all)!

Here they are:

January:  Dressed to the Nines: make something fancy so you’ll be ‘dressed to the nines’ – whether it’s the full outfit, or a little accessory. Or look at the challenge in a different way, and make something from a year ending in 9 (find a portrait or fashion plate or mention t support the date), or even an item with 9 major design elements (9 buttons down the front, 9 tucks in a petticoat, etc).

February: Linen/linens: make something out of linen, or that falls under the older definition of linens: ie: underclothes (lingerie literally means linen)

March: Sewing Kit: create an item that makes use of your favorite sewing tool, instrument, or gadget; or an item made for your historical sewing kit (huswif, pinball)

April: Upping your game: make something that really stretches you and that works on the bits that you tend to rush through or skimp on.

May: Florals: create an item that features flowers in some way.

June: Favorite Technique: make an item using your favorite sewing or embellishment technique.

July: Unexpected: make an item with an unexpected feature. Will it be a snazzy lining, a hidden pocket, or something else? Surprise us!

August: Out of a Portrait: lift a garment out of a portrait, and make it up to include in your wardrobe.

September: Everyday: it’s not all special occasion frocks. Make something that would have been worn or used for everyday.

October: Details: Sometimes the little things really make something fabulous. focus on the details of your garment, to create something that just gets better the closer you look.

November: Above the Belt: No hitting low! Let’s keep things on the up and up as the year closes, and make something worn above the belt.

December: On a Shoestring: It’s an expensive time of year, so make an item on a tight budget (say, under $15, or less than you’d spend on a reasonable priced takeaway meal for one person in your country – and no ‘stash’ doesn’t count as free: you still have to count what you would have originally paid for those items).