2022 – Project Wish List

My biggest wish (the one that I wish every year) is to complete projects on time (or early – this is a WISH list, lol).

  • I would like to complete and post something (anything) in the Historical Sew Monthly challenges.
  • Complete sewing Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt top
  • Sew The Oregonian Modernistic quilt top
  • Sew the other 2 summer house dresses that were put off in 2020
  • Quilt some of the complete quilt tops that are stacking up
  • Complete the knit denim shawl
  • Complete the Knit lavender shawl

These are my big goals that I’d like to see complete by the end of the year. In and amongst all the smaller projects that I work on to give to people that I love.

Some projects personal projects that have been continuously put on the back burner:

  • Knit black and white 1920’s sweater
  • Knit 1910’s bicycling sweater
  • Knit A pair of knitted gloves for myself (several years ago, I knit many pairs for friends)
  • Knit Victorian pineapple bag
  • Create a pattern of a vintage wool cape
  • Create a pattern of an antique purse/bag