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Mending Madness

The cloth laundry bag folds over the edge of the metal basket. DW expressed his displeasure with how it didn’t stay where it was supposed to, and that it kept falling into the basket. Being that I had a bunch of left over elastic from mending the fitted sheet, I decided to fix this too. It was a quick fix. Opening up a few stitches in the casing allowed the elastic to be hand fed through the channel. When it was fully through, leaving two ends poking out, the bag was positioned in the basket and the elastic was pulled tight-ish. Being mostly lazy I tied the ends together, trimmed off the extra and pulled the elastic until the knot was inside the channel. Being that this mostly stays put, I didn’t even replace the clipped stitches. Good to go!

Pixie is modelling her newly repaired (again) blanket. This blanket gets loved aggressively by both dogs. Ninja rolls, digging for blanket monsters, hiding underneath and laying on their backs to kick the blanket up in the air, are some of the things that this blanket is subjected too. They are both happy to have it back on the bed to snuggle (etc) with. 😉

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