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Monthly Mending – January 2022

If it seems like it has been awhile since I have even mentioned mending, you’d be correct. The last monthly mending post was in August. After that the mending basket started to fill up, along with the ironing basket. The marathon crafting leading up to Christmas left little time for mending or ironing. Thankfully there is 12 months before Christmas 2022. 😀

Starting with the most immediate mending, the dog toys. The dogs don’t really care if their toys are in good repair. However, I do. When there are rips in the toys, the dogs do not hesitate to divest them of the stuffing. Little clouds of toy guts…everywhere. :-/

When Gsons came over, Gson#2 had a HUGE hole in his coat. When I asked him about it, he said that when he put his arms up “it just ripped” (lol, from the mouths of babes). Before he went home, Gma Lorri had fixed it all up.

This was the first, and probably not the last, repair of Pixie’s favorite blankie. Last time I repaired it, I had misplaced the center motif of one of the blocks. Since then, I had found it. I removed the last repair and re-repaired (is that a word?) the block, adding back in the center motif. Pixie is thankful, as always.

Two Christmases ago, I had attempted to use the nutcracker to crack a nut. Being that it is a decorative nutcracker, it really never had a chance. The handle broke off. :’-( I wood glued it back on. Apparently not well. This year Gson#1 tried to move the handle up and down, which re-broke (also not really a word) the handle off. The look of sad horror on his face was pretty funny. I told him that it was “fine” and that I had broke it off and had not fixed it well. Going forward, I repaired it again. Even using a clamp. Guess what? It is fixed! I can move the handle up and down and up and down and it all works just as it should! I’m very pleased with myself. Mr. Nutcracker is all ready to be a Christmas decoration again (NOT a working nutcracker, I’ve learned my lesson there). 😀

Let me introduce you to the new (to me) Singer sewing table that given to me by friend LN.

It is a beautiful table that once belonged to her mother. The machine was gone, so I moved mine over. The belt was now too long and needed to be shortened. While removing the staple the old leather belt broke off. Not a problem, the belt needed to be shortened anyhow. But then the other end broke off as well.

The belt was just too old. Thankfully I had a new replacement belt already on hand. They come with the staple already installed on one end. After measuring the belt and cutting off the extra, a hole had to be made in the non-staple end. This was done with a small picture hanging nail. Hammered in, then pulled out using a pliers. The pliers also came in handy to open up the staple and close it back up after it had been poked through the leather belt.

With the new belt installed, the machine is working better than ever! 😀

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