Baby Blanket – Velvet Basket Weave pattern

Many months ago I heard from a co-worker that His son was to have a son of his own.  I got started on a knitted baby blanket to welcome this coming little one.  That day I had to go to a local yarn store for something else and saw a light blue-grey yarn called “velvet”.  I knew that this was the yarn that would be perfect for this project!


I had plenty of time… therefore it got set aside many times over the course of all this “time” that I though I had.  The first time I started the blanket (my usual starts are 4 but 6 is my limit) I had used the size of knitting needles that the yarn sleeve suggested.  Because of the yarn being velvety it would hold itself in a way that made the stiches loose, uneven and in my eyes, ugly.  I decided to start over with much smaller needles.  I am really glad that I did.  SO MUCH BETTER!

The lack of progress of this project wasn’t helped by the fact that I cast on WAY TOO MANY stiches to start and had to keep adding skeins to make it look balanced as a blanket.   Eventually I got to the point that I stated loudly, “when I am finished with this skein of yarn, this blanket it done!” I actually finished knitting it at the end of December 2018, but didn’t post it as being a finished project in that year because of a special request by the grandpa.

When his son was little, he had a blanket that he loved beyond measure.  It had a satin ribbon edging that he would rub between his fingers.  Grandpa thought that it would be really wonderful if this blanket also had a satin edging and he requested it be more blue than the color of the yarn.  Okie Dokey!!

It ended up being huge.  In this picture it is draped over my extended legs as I prepare to sew on the satin ribbon edging
About 2.2 seconds after I started working on the edging Pixie showed her disgust at all my knitting projects and proclaimed that it was “Pixie Appreciation Time”.

I ended up taking this blanket to work to be able to actually be able to make progress, and progress I made!  After one lunch hour I had nearly sewn the whole of the satin ribbon around the edge on one side of the blanket.  I just used a tiny whip-type stitch, making sure to catch some of the yarn in each stitch.  I was nearly to the end of the satin ribbon and noticed that there was no way that I was going to get all the way around the blanket with only one package.  After work, I stopped into the fabric store and procured a second package.

After the second lunchtime I had finished one side of the first package of the satin ribbon and started on the second side of the blanket.  I figured that I would get both sides down and then commence with the second package of ribbon.  This was so I could more carefully match up the over lapping ends of the ribbon border.

In spite of the fact that I told Grandpa that baby could not be born until after I finished the blanket, baby Andrew Arrived on January 16th.  Healthy and Hale and handsome.  We are all glad he is here.  And… the blanket is finally finished!  Only 2 days late.  I am getting faster!

All Done! Basket weave knitted blanket with satin ribbon edging



3 thoughts on “Baby Blanket – Velvet Basket Weave pattern

    1. Thank you! At first I used the suggested needle size that was on the yarn. I didn’t like how loose the stitches were. They looked sloppy and uneven. I dropped two needle sizes and was much happier with the results. Are you planning a project with this yarn? The recipient of this gift absolutely loves it! It had a super nice hand feel while knitting it. I’m pretty sure everyone in my office petted it at some point.