Grandma Magic – The First Letter Sweaters

Recently, in February, Gson#1 turned 7. At his birthday party, he very confidentially explained that his and #2’s letter sweaters (from Christmas 2017) are now too small to be worn. I told him that if he brought them to me, I would make them big enough to wear again. I was pretty sure that would be the end of it. Sure enough, next time they came over, I was presented with the very first letter sweaters that I had ever made for them.

I laughed and ask Son if he knew why the boys needed to bring the sweaters to me. He said “no”. I told him the previous story. He responded by telling me this story:

“As we were leaving the house, #1 turned back and told #2 to quickly get his sweater to bring to Gma’s house”.

The plan was: to frog them (surely this isn’t a surprise to anyone), then remake them into larger sweaters using the same pattern as before. When they gave me the two very small, very cute little sweaters, I realized I didn’t want to take them apart. DIL suggested that I keep them and make new ones. LB suggested to put them into shadow boxes for their rooms. My plans were revised!

There will still be grandma magic. These sweaters will turn into larger sweaters AAAAAANNNND shadow box decor.

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