Work Basket – 2 weeks of progress on Layette project

It seems like work has been extra busy. We have been busy at home, for sure, with the push on the basement remodel.  We also were blessed with Auntie E coming to stay for the weekend.  I think that I have mentioned that I have been unable to work much on the knitting at home, so it has been here and there on breaks and lunches.  Last week’s progress looked like this:

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OK, I must admit that this doesn’t look like much progress on this project… I used the mattress stitch to attach the shoulders, the arm scythe, and then seam up the side through the underarm.  I am taking my time and not rushing through the seaming up process. I don’t really have any sort of deadline for this project.  At this point, I am making this layette for my own amusement.

Week 2 progress:

Sweater all seamed up.  Still needs a center front zip and the knitted collar.

If you compare the original pattern to what the bootie on the right looks like, you will notice that they don’t even look remotely like the same things.  I am unclear how they were supposed to turn out as the pattern was written.  If I have extra yarn, when I am done with the all the items, including the blanket, then I will bravely attempt them again. Speaking of the blanket:

Blanket started

Even though I haven’t finished will all the other (already begun) items in this layette, I had some time where I would be sitting in a waiting room with Momma WW waiting for Papa DW and could knit on a project. For this kind of time I prefer projects that don’t take a lot of referring back to the pattern. Casting on and knitting 10 rows seemed a perfect choice.  That is how far I got.  I couldn’t find the #5 circular needles (as I was running out the door that morning, why would I want to plan ahead?) so I substituted #6.  When have you ever heard of anyone complaining because their blanket was too big?  😀


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