Weekly WorkBasket #7

Workbasket #6


A gift of labor.  This is G’s blanket.  She bought the yarn and started knitting it some time ago, as a gift for someone else. One thing led to another, as life is want to do, and the project got set aside.  At one point I was without a project to work on during my work breaks and G said I could knit on this blanket.  It is cold in our office, REALLY COLD.  All year long it is cold.  We have been having super hot days here, so to make it all better the A/C gets turned up a notch or seven.  Did I mention that it is REALLY COLD in the office? Especially after one o’clock.  I am really grateful for the heat outside each day when I leave.  I get to thaw out.  This blanket it super soft and fluffy yarn.  It feels really nice draped over my legs.  It also keeps me warm.  I had wanted to have this finished in time to give it to G for her birthday on Aug.10th (also my brother C’s birthday!), but other projects with more priority (the two weddings) got in my way.  I don’t think that she even remembers that I am knitting on it.  She may or may not still give it to the original intended recipient, that doesn’t really matter.  What matters is that she will have it to do what she wants with it.  I had also wanted to give her something else for her birthday, but it was a long way from being finished…maybe for Christmas then.


This is, you guessed it, another baby blanket!  I  came across this yarn


while at Joann’s Fabric store purchasing yarn to finish Gaby’s blanket.  I knew that I wanted to make another baby blanket in blue and snatched it up!  My go-to knitting pattern for baby blankets is the one that was used for Gaby’s blanket, but I have made that one so frequently that I am ready to mix it up some.  I decided to make one that I had made before.  It is a 10 stitch/10 row repeat that looks like a checkerboard effect.  The grandpa of the baby-to-be suggested that I edge it with satin binding.  This will be like the blankie that the father of the baby-to-be had as a wee-one.  PERFECT!

Other than these baby blankets, I have been working on a quilt.  But, that is a super surprise and will have it’s very own post.  Hopefully soon…

Workbasket #8