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Weakly Workbasket #6

Workbasket #5

I have given up on declaring “weekly” or “bi-weekly” for these posts.  Maybe I should call them “weakly”, because that is my grade that I would give myself on my posting progress.  (harrumph)

That being said, I have been busy.  Very busy.  It is really my own fault.  I have a loose grasp on time.  If it is the last day of July and someone asks if I can get something done in August I say, “yes”!  Because that is a whole month away…  not so much.

DIL asked if I could do alterations on her friend’s wedding dress.  I LOVE doing fussy things like this and happily agreed.  No matter that it was a super short time frame or that I had things to do on a daily.  Then my BFF’s sister was getting married in South Carolina on the same weekend as DIL’s friend.  I COULD MAKE HER A WEDDING VEIL!!! Again, not any awareness that each day only has 24 hours and I require sleep and have to go to my usual place of employment.  Somewhere in the midst of beading the veil on my work breaks, my boss strolled over and mentioned that a co-worker was expecting a baby girl ANY DAY NOW!  On it boss!  One baby blanket coming up! (it is what I do for friends and co-workers, not something that boss required of me…just to be clear).

So.  Now, here we are.  Both brides are safely married.  As of yesterday, the baby (I don’t know her name) has arrived.  Let me update you on what I have so far… (and yes, I finished my wedding tasks before deadline, but just barely)

I had to refer to my pics to remind myself what I have finished.  I finished knitting the poison caramel-apple scarf, for myself.  I very rarely make things for myself.  But this yarn was spun by my friend D and I loved it so much!  I had to make something for myself with it.  I started it in February and finally finished it July 19th.  It still hasn’t been blocked, the magic that makes knitted lace turn from a lump into something beautiful.  Originally I had to wait for the lace blocking things to come in the mail.  I didn’t have any and ordered some from Knit Picks.  They arrived a couple of weeks ago, but I have been so busy that it is still on my ‘to-do’ list.


I had finished this embroidery block in the series that I had been working on.  It is still all wrinkly.  Maybe I will iron it before next week… please don’t anyone hold your breath.

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All the pics of the Wedding dress alterations over the course of 2-3 weeks.  A couple of pics of Walther and Pixie ‘helping’ me with the alterations.  A couple of the photos at the wedding.  One of the happy couple and two of the beautiful coffee filter flowers that were made by the mother of the bride.  Even up close they looked if they were made of silk.  They were gorgeous!!


Tara wearing the wedding veil.  I think this picture says it all.  Very happy day!  Congrats my friend!


Boss just walked by… Baby Ivy was born after 3am this morning!  Welcome Baby Ivy!  Your blanket will be finished soon.

There are other projects in the works, there is always more…

I have started a notebook to better track my projects and their progress.  I will share more about it  soon.  I am also actively piecing a quilt top with a quickly approaching deadline (of course).  I also have 3 knitting projects (besides Ivy’s blanket) on my needles.  More about those later.  Soon(ish), I promise!  😀

Workbasket #7

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