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Workbasket Wednesday – 4 New Projects/One Old

Blue & White Shawl:

I have wanted to knit this shawl for many years, ever since Daisy gave me this blue yarn that she spun. The title of this shawl pattern is “Blue and White Shawl”. The white yarn is reclaimed from a white angora beret that was purchased at the Goodwill Bin store. The pattern is 4 row repeat and 2 of those rows are purl. So an easy pattern to remember. The edge is 4 rows of plain knitting. Each row starts and ends with 4 knit stitches. The first pattern row is : yo, slp, k2tog, psso, yo, k3, repeat to the last 4 stitches. 2nd & 4th rows are knit 4, purl across until last 4, knit 4. The 3rd row (2nd pattern row) is : k3, yo, slp, k2tog, psso, yo. repeat until last 4 and k4. Each stripe is 2 repeats (total of 8 rows). I have found that I rather need to be paying attention or I add stitches. I think I randomly forget to psso. I count the stitches on the purl rows, correcting where needed. I’m very pleased with how it is turning out.

Flower of The Month Quilt:

I counted this as a “new” project, but it isn’t really. This is the start of a new block on an old project.

Dolly Dearest:

An update on this “old” project. Last time we talked about this project I discovered that the under-petticoat and the over-petticoat were both too small for my smallest doll. I have a hunch that if I had used yarn instead of crochet thread, it would have fit just fine. That being said, I didn’t want to start over. I decided to keep going forward until the whole outfit is finished. Whether or not I will make it again in yarn, is yet to be determined.

Spinning Yarn:

When I admitted to you that I’d taken up a new craft, I mentioned that my friend Barb had lent me one of her spinning wheels to practice on before taking a beginning spinning class at Black Sheep Gathering this year. Barb also kept her eyes open for wheels for sale at reasonable prices. She found the above one on Craig’s list and we went to look at it together. She had the knowledge that I lacked, and she wanted to make sure it worked well before purchasing it. It did work well AND came with lots of fiber. The wheel above is the new wheel. My son also got excited to learn spinning and signed up for the beginning class. Friend Molly is also riding down with us. It is like we are an invasion!! :0)

Spool Skirt:

Sometimes I see a fabric and just KNOW what it should end up being. When I saw this spool fabric at Grandma’s Attic, I knew that it needed to be a modern version of a Victorian Walking skirt. Specifically using the Scroop pattern from the indie designer Leimomi Oakes , aka: The Dreamstress. I thought that I had already purchased this pattern. Nope, just thought about it really hard. After purchasing the fabric, and checking my digital files, I went online and purchased a downloadable pattern for both the modern and historical skirt patterns. These are printed out on 8.5×11 paper, taped together and cut out. I found it easy to use. My plan was to take pictures at each step in the construction process. Then I jumped in and sewed the whole thing without stopping. I’ve actually worn it 3 times and still haven’t gotten a picture of the finished product.