Workbasket Wednesday

Several years ago, I made Christmas stockings for my Son’s family, My brother’s family and my sister’s grandchildren, Eleven Total. This year my sister asked me to make stockings for her 3 additional grandchildren. Apparently I hadn’t saved the pattern. I borrowed back one of the stockings that I had previously made

I found a pattern that resembled this stocking—solid

It was the same shape, had the same gusset, used the same sized yarn and seemed familiar. I asked my sister what colors she would like for these 3 new stockings. She said “blues”. I got three different colorways of variegated blues and started knitting. Being that I was flying to South Carolina and that flight (with layovers) was going to be 5+ hours, I decided to take my knitting. Less than 1/2 way on first leg of the journey I had gotten to the end of the yarn for the first stocking, only having purchased two skeins. I hadn’t brought any stitch holders that I could put the stocking on while starting on another one. I was done knitting until I could get to a Joann’s.

After arriving at my destination, my nephew took me to a nearby Joann’s. I was able to get another skein of each of the colorways except for the one that I had actually been working on. (lol) For that stocking I picked up a set of bamboo circular needles to move the stocking onto while I worked on the other two. The second stocking went well and worked up fast. In the evenings we binged The Handmaid’s Tale. It is a very disturbing and distracting story, to say the least. So, it was no wonder that after turning the heel I accidentally skipped the foot, just knitting the toe. I didn’t even notice my error until I held it up after closing the toe. Shaking my head, I took the toe back out and re-finished the stocking with an actual foot.

While we happened to be shopping at Walmart, I was strolling through the yarn isle… and found the colorway to finish the first one! WHOOP-WHOOP!

3 stockings all finished

The letters were added afterwards using the duplicate stitch method. Starting with the bottom center of the letter on the first straight row above the gusset. That way the folded over cuff could be maximized without covering up any of the letter.

The sparkly yarn that I had used for the letters on the first round of stockings is no longer being made. 🙁

They are done early enough to be used this year. 😀