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Workbasket – And a Little of That

Workbasket previously

Sigh. You may be asking yourself as to why anyone would keep doing this to themselves. I’ve wondered the same thing myself. Finishing this project is now a challenge that I mean to over come! As of October 1st, I will have been working on this project (off and on, to be sure) for a whole year. So, WHY did I frog so much this time? Well, let me tell you. Being super happy with the progress made, I took a moment to straighten out the blanket to admire my work. At which time I noticed that there were several places where the Natural colored yarn actually changed color.

If you look closely you can just see it in the photos. I can assure you it was much more obvious in real life. At first I only saw the one large area. I thought I could just pick up the stitches below the patch, only frogging down to that point. After picking up all the stitches in that row, I noticed the two smaller patches down below. All the way down to the bottom on the center panel. :’-( Guess what I figured out? The original pale color wasn’t the same pale color that I ordered when I was started-over on the second one. GAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! It has all been removed and THROWN AWAY!

So close to being done with the quilting part (again). Just a few more lines of border to go. Then the binding and a label is all it needs to get it into the FO pile. Whoop-Whoop!

If you have been here for awhile, you probably know that I am a member of Team Red White & Blue. Our local group does a Friday morning run. This past Friday was a beautiful morning. It is amazing to watch the sun come up with the fog laying along the ground. As I looked out over the field of fog I saw something that I had never even heard of. A rainbow bubble that followed along with us as we were running. This magic has to do with the sunlight refracting around us onto the fog. It was a wonderful start to the day. Quickly followed up with a yummy blueberrry/lemon scone and dirty chai from Isaac’s before heading into work. 😉

Breast Cancer Socks
Pride Socks

These beautiful socks were NOT made by me. They were made by my wonderful friend DSH of La Tejedora Crafts.

I had commissioned her to make them for me to give to my friend at work. She does amazing work! Thank you DSH!!

Future Workbasket