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Workbasket – Been A Little Busy


DW’s Christmas Stocking

Growing up we always had velveteen stockings. That is why I chose this yarn. As I was finishing the stocking, DW asked who it was for. I told him it was for him! He was surprised and seemed pleased.

Kobe wanted to knit too. He said it was super hard with no thumbs.

Gdau’s first Christmas letter sweater

The original plan was to have all 3 of the letter sweaters done for Christmas. It didn’t happen. With the remaining yarn, left from the Gson’s sweaters, I was able to knit the front, back and 1/2 of one sleeve. I ordered 2 more balls of yarn before I could finish. I did the straight stitch knitting on the knitting machine, leaving live stitches to add the ribbing and collar. When the sweater was sewn together, the front was 2 inches shorter than the back. :-/ If you look at the bottom of the sweater in the photo, you can see a “line”. That is where I picked up the live stitches and knit in the opposite direction (down instead of up). When the front was the same length as the back, I knit several rows in the round and then bound off. The sweater pattern calls for the hem to roll up. I wasn’t sure where I had put the left over white yarn for the letters, but I did know where the white yarn from the stocking was. That is what I used for the letter (right after I found the other white yarn). I like the slight fluffiness of the letter.

This shrug is finally complete! A late (Dec. 30th) birthday gift for friend LB. It is silk and beads. None of the photos do it any justice. It is soooooo sparkly.

Some time ago I found this recipe for hand cream. I made some scented with rose essential oil for LB. She mentioned that she’d loved it and used it all up. I made more and then made even more. One batch was scented with rose for LB. The other 6 batches are unscented. They are ready to have what ever scent someone chooses.

Not my project but the excitement of a delighted mom. Son came to last week’s knitting night to be instructed as to warping his new loom. DSH was the provider of this knowledge. While visiting at his house during the week, I got to see his progress! Very exciting and very pretty!

Finally able to get back to my denim shawl. I’m not taking any chances this time. Life lines every 8 rows!

Going forward…