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Workbasket #8

Workbasket #7

Catching up!

I wouldn’t let myself start writing another post, of any kind, until I had finally finished the trip reports.  Today I finished the last of those reports!  Whoop-whoop!!

I have been working on projects in between the 40 hour work week, the weekend teaching gig, social events and my online college classes.  I haven’t gotten very far on any one project, but some progress has been made.

This project was one that I had started last year.  I had gotten as far as to cut out all the pattern pieces, and had just never gotten around to sewing it together.  With DIL’s Bday fast approaching, I decided to finish it and give it to her as her gift.  I finished it in time, only one year behind schedule!  😀

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Perhaps not a workbasket project, per-se, but this is something that has kept me busy.  This was the 3rd 1K run that I did with my grandbabies this year.  The second one that my sister and her grandbabies joined us.  Even my Son got in on the fun for this run!

This knitted baby blanket is coming along nicely:


A little over 1/2 way through the second ball of yarn and still one more to go until the knitting is finished.  The yarn is called “velvet” and that is what it feels like too.  I am close to finishing the 9th repeat.  I don’t have a plan on how many repeats I am going to do, just knit with the 3 balls of yarn and when the yarn is gone, I will be done with the knitting.

I have started this sweater the required 4 times that I usually do.  (sigh)

I anticipate being able to knit forward now and actually make some progress.  My plan is to have it done for Christmas  (she says with crossed fingers).

Slowly but surely, I have been making relatively steady progress on the latest hankie.


I need to have it finished for the end of November.  Then I need to start the next one, which is also the last one for this year.

The T-shirt quilt that I have been working on (off and on) was too big for my quilt frame.  After I finally figured out how to make the machine quilting do it’s thing… I had to take the quilt back off the frame.  Then, I had to take out all the stitching because of the horribly loose bobbin threads that were all looping out in rats’ nests.  Because the quilt is so big, I decided to approach this project a little differently.  I decided to tie the “quilt sandwich” together before doing the actual quilting.  I have managed to finish all the ties and that is where I have stalled, so far.  So many things keep getting in the way of my project time

Don’t even ask me about my mending pile…

Workbasket #9