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Workbasket – Catching You Up


Tie extenders: These are not sexy, but something like these were requested.  A few months ago Gson#2 asked to have some ties made. Later DIL said that he didn’t like to wear them up close to his neck. That he wanted to wear them more like necklaces, dangling away from his neck.  That’s how these came to be.  I had a small piece of fabric that was cut in into the needed pieces until the fabric was used up. They whipped up quickly. The hook-n-loop fasteners were attached using 3 different glues: Shoe goo, E6000, and Fabric Fusion.  For each I wrote little letters with a black pen.  That way if/when the fasteners come off, I will know which glue(s) work the best.

Denim shawl:

It has been fun to work on this again and actually see progress!  I have frogged a couple of sections, and using the cables as the lifelines works out much better than a flimsy piece of yarn.  It is much more obvious if I have successfully picked up all the stitches to start the next section.

Louis PJs:

After stalling for over 10 years, I finally tackled threading the serger.  It wasn’t as hard as my brain was making it out to be (I found a very informative video from the 80’s).  I had tried to make PJ’s for Louis before with the straight stitch machine. and this was not very stretchy.  Using the serger it was super easy and quick to whip up 2 PJs, one XX-sm and one X-sm.  Of course I did not get any pics of these first two before sending them on to be test driven.  :-/ 

After receiving feedback that the X-sm size worked wonderfully, I made two more. Because I had only purchased 1/4 yard, and should have gotten 1/2 yard, I couldn’t cut the large back piece on the fold and had to a center back seam.

Heart Shaped dish cloths:

I really like kitschy kitchen items, especially dishcloths and hotpads.  I wanted to make some to give to my knitting friends.  Of course I started them the night before I needed them.  By the end of knitting night on 2/9, I was just able to finish one for all the people that came that day.  I even worked in the ends.  🙂

Valentines chair bags:

When I saw the panels to make the bags, I just knew that I had to do them.  About 1/2 way through, I wasn’t understanding the instructions.  I just couldn’t see, in my mind, what they actually looked like when finished.  I went on Google to search for images for something similar.  I was successful in my search and was able to finish the bags.  Each bag had a few non-candy gifts.  I dropped them off by fastening them on the backs of their dining chairs.  The boys were downstairs playing and didn’t know that I had even come over.  They were surprised when they came upstairs.  😀