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Workbasket – Christmas Crafting Season has begun

Last time I updated you on this embroidery it looked like the pic on the left. I have only gotten as far as the pic on the right. It has, again, been set aside in favor of gifts with a timeline (Christmas).

Adipose baby completed in one lunchtime
Classic K-9 started

The project of the Dr.Who kitchen towels has also been set aside until after Christmas crafting is done.

I don’t know if you remember this project. Last Wednesday I spotted a HUGE mess-up. I tried to take out only a little bit and ended up frogging the whole thing. From row 102 to 0 in ten minutes. :-/ I am back up to 46. Perhaps I will make it to 102 by end of Wednesday knitting night.

Several years ago I made many Christmas stockings for great-nieces and great-nephews. I now have 2 more great-nephews. These are the yarns that I am considering using. Now all I need to do is to find that pattern…

12 Days of Christmas quilt

Many years ago, I embroidered the blocks for this quilt and put together the quilt top. More recently, but several weeks ago, I put together the quilt frame. My intention is to actually quilt the tops that I have stacked up. This would be the first quilts that I would be quilting on the frame. My initial results were… not great.

Starting with white thread on the white blocks, I outlined the embroidery. At one point I thought it may be a good idea to use white thread on the top and dark thread underneath:

Um… not pretty. Another thing that was not pretty was my attempt to “stipple” quilt:

Like frogging my knitting, I also rip out stitches that make me less than happy.

After purchasing a template for holly leaves, I started by marking the quilting lines with a light colored quilt marking pencil. The plan is to quilt all the light colored areas with white thread and all other quilting is in black. The quilting still isn’t great, but (as in all my endeavors) I am getting better as I go along.

Successfully started, again. (lol) I am much more pleased with the progress this time.