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Workbasket – Christmas Knitting has begun

A couple of years ago I made some Christmas sweaters (sweaters that I give as gifts at Christmas time, not the awful “ugly sweaters” that it is popular to wear to Christmas parties) for the grandsons.  I used the pattern from this book:



They were made from a lovely heather-blue washable yarn with an off-white letter done in duplicate stitch.  They turned out well, if I do say so myself.  Did I mention that was a couple of years ago?  Since then the boys have grown.  Son was sad because they had grown out of their “little boy” sweaters.  Gma went into action!  I assure you that sounded much more impressive than what it was.  Gson #2 and I went to the fabric store to get “toggle” buttons for their Easter sweaters. The neckline was just too open for Gson #1.  While at the store, we moseyed down the yarn isle.

Gson #2 picked out a deep purple yarn for his Christmas sweater. It wasn’t a yarn that I would have chosen, but he was adamant that was the one he wanted.  I asked him what Gson #1’s favorite color was.  He told me “red”.  I purchased the purple yarn, but waited on the red until I checked with #1 myself. You know what? Red is his favorite color!

Because I am working on several projects that I can’t take to knitting group, I started up on the boys’ sweaters.  I needed to get started if I was going to get them finished any time close to Christmas and I needed a project to work on.  Perfect pairing, I say.  Before too long the front and back of the purple sweater was finished.  It is always a pleasant surprise how fast sweaters for children make up.  When I went to sew the shoulder seams together before starting the arms, I realized that I didn’t have a yarn needle.  I made one (sad) attempt at crocheting them together and decided to wait for the yarn needle.  While waiting, I started on the red sweater.

Now, I need to decide if I am going to do the letters in off-white, like last time.  Or… if I should do a red letter on the purple sweater and a purple letter on the red sweater.  What do you think?

The cacti project is nearly complete.  All of the decorative stitches are done and the “quilt sandwich” has been basted together.  Ready for hand quilting and binding!

Basting from the back. Notice the small amount of hand quilting already finished
The same hand quilting from the front

Although the denim shawl project has been put on hold until after the holidays, I must admit that the 7th time was not the charm. Hopefully the 8th will be.  I am bound and determined to finish this shawl for myself.  I am also going to take it slow and enjoy the process.

The tiny stitches of Boutis:

Shhhhhh… it’s a surprise