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Workbasket – Deep in the thick of Christmas Crafting

So many projects and a hard deadline. I’m pretty sure that I am not the only one that has knitting plans larger than my time frame. Then there are the things that come up, or I think I can quickly fit in…

While talking with my son, he mentioned that the stockings I had knit, a few years ago, were really tight around the cuff that made it very difficult to put items in. I said that I would check it out and fix it for him. Remember these stockings? When I borrowed the one that I had knit a few years ago, I saw that the “tight” was were I had sewn down the cuff, all the way around, to keep the cuff folded. Being only sewn down, after knitting, it wasn’t a big deal to cut the sewing thread/yarn and pull it out. I borrowed back 2 more stockings from my sister and two more from my niece for repair/correction. 5 minutes max for each one.

The first three went really well. Staying within the 5 minute estimate. The 4th one didn’t work out the same way. Accidentally cutting the actual knitting and not just the sewing, it now needed to be fixed. What I came up with was to pick up the straight stitches from the first row below the cuff. Then unravel the cuff and re-knit the cuff starting with the now “live” stitches of the stocking. The stockings had been knit cuff down. :-/

captured stitches

Picking out the stitches one at a time it was slow going.

so slow

Very slow. During the 2 evenings and 2 lunchtimes that I worked like this, I wondered if it would just be easier to frog the whole stocking and re-knit it. With this thought on my mind and time clicking away, I came up with a different plan. Carefully cut a stitch in the room directly above the row that had been picked up. The row of the cut stitch still had to be unraveled one stitch at a time, but it was only the one row. Once the cuff was separated from the stocking, the frogging began.

Double checked that no stitches had been missed on the picked up row before beginning knitting 1×1 ribbing. The knitting being in the opposite direction from the rest of the stocking it was surprising that, visually, it wasn’t really noticeable.

All done! It did take more than 5 minutes.

Really no difference in size of cuffs

Remember, ages ago, I was working on a Harry Potter knit “blanket” ? There has been progress:

Pixie helped to block the center panel

The top and bottom boarders are also finished. Work on the sides has begun:

It will all come out in the blocking…