Workbasket – Great News!

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How about now?


I got my knitting back!  So, if you remember, last Thursday I came out to find my car had been gone through and one of the things taken was my bag of knitting.  Another thing that was taken was my badge for work.

After that Thursday, I just took Friday off.  I spent the day quilting (more on that project later). When I returned to work on Monday, I stopped to pick up my replacement badge and they asked if I wanted my bag too?

I was taken aback.  “What bag?” I asked.  With huge smiles they brought out a bag that had been taken from my car, not the knitting bag, a different one that I had apparently not missed. Inside the bag was my work badge, my knitting, a bug and a slug.  Everything was wet, but it made no difference.  I was beaming!  Apparently the thief realized that they didn’t have anything of value (to them) and dropped all that off at a local grade school.  Someone found it with my work badge and dropped it off.  I felt very blessed.

As I was laying out the sweaters and yarn to dry out, I noticed that the larger of the two sweaters (the one still in process) was going to work out to be WAY TOO LARGE.  Commence frogging…

this is the progress that I made yesterday


and tonight is my weekly knitting night!

While the sweaters were still MIA, a little birdy told me that I should start on a new project. So I did:


The yarn looked much more yellow in the store. It is destined to be a little sweater for a layette set.  😀

5 thoughts on “Workbasket – Great News!

  1. Wow!! I am SO happy your got your bags back. I would be sobbing if I lost a project. I know how much time and effort going to every stitch not to mention the cost to replace your supplies. (Hugs my friend.)

    1. Thank you Farrys! The thing is, I thought that I had locked all my doors. It is so automatic with me that I have to double check that I have my car keys in my hand before I make a move to get out of my car. Otherwise, I tend to lock them in.