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Workbasket – Layette progress and a new project

Now that I have finally finished DW’s birthday quilt (from last year), I gave myself permission to start a new project.  I can share it with you here, because MIL & FIL both don’t FB and/or read this blog.  So, knitting ladies, don’t spill the beans!

While on summer motorcycle trip, I snuck in a couple of quilt shops when in Eureka, CA.  In one of the shops DW and I saw this pattern:

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We both agreed that it would be something nice for his momma, so into the limited luggage space it went!  (if you remember, we were travelling on motorcycles). Fast forward to this past weekend and a couple of unsupervised hours later, I was busy cutting out the cotton fabric background strips and starting on the felt applique pieces.  There was left over cotton pieces that were large enough to get some 2×2″ squares, so I set them aside for later additions to my ongoing charm quilt project. I managed, despite generous offers of help from both Pixie and Walther, to get all the pieces cut from the 5 different shades of green.  The pieces are small, so into a zip topped bag as to be able to keep track of them all.

What about the layette?

I have been continuing to knit away when I can.  I have it mostly finished except for the carriage cover (blanket) and the sewn on finishing touches.

Sweater sewn together, using the mattress stitch. Still needs ends woven in and buttons
The little collar
The knit board all added. Ends woven in and ribbons still needed.
Ribbons/pompoms still needed
Buttons and ribbon that I plan to use
45 rows of the Carriage cover. Only 105 left to go. 😀



9 thoughts on “Workbasket – Layette progress and a new project

  1. 😀 Thank you Hannah. Baby things are fun to do because they are cute and small and are quickly finished. I don’t know if you follow WOOLLY WEDNESDAY, but she does super-duper cute baby knits.

  2. You zipped through that! Okay maybe it seems that way to me because I see how much progress over the last few weeks! Any recipient of this work is very lucky!!!