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Workbasket – Maid to Man

I have been busy, as I am sure you have been also.  There has been work, running, eating out, schoolwork, family, friends, teaching, puppies, yard work, etc.

In between all of that life, I have found time for a few little projects.  Hopefully soon there will be more time for sewing room fun time, being that I have taught my last weekend in this teaching season.

I repaired a pair of pants for one co-worker and darned two socks (from different pairs) for another co-worker. The pants I repaired by hand and the socks I darned using my treadle machine. I also repaired a worn spot in DW’s black denim jeans, not quite successfully though.  So they, and another pair, are back on the mending pile.

I have also been working on hemming the curtains.  All have been cut off to the desired length, with the red ones being an inch longer than the white ones.  All but two of the white ones have been hemmed, and one red one is finished. After they are all hemmed, I will be taking them to the cleaners for ironing, being that my ironing board is not large enough to make this practical to do at home.

I have also been collecting multiple quilt block-of-the-month kits, not on purpose.  I have just not had any time to work on them.  I had a couple of hours to myself and I had a marathon cutting session.  I cut out the fabric and put it directly back into the bags with instructions. I am eagerly awaiting a chance to begin sewing some of them.

If you remember from the last time, I was between knitting projects.  I did cast on a project.  The yarn and pattern were Christmas gifts from my wonderful friend, BP.


The lace weight yarn in made from recycled denim.


The pattern is “Birch”  by Sharon Miller. It is wonderfully lacey pattern and I am making it for myself.  This isn’t something that happens often and I am feeling very self indulgent. This is my progress so far:


There is one project that I actually did finish…

My friend LB, is getting married at the end of next year.  One of her attendants is a male friend and his title will be “Bridesman”.  I found a black tote bag, but it had “Bridesmaid” stitched on the front.  I picked out the “i” and “d” from the end of the word.  I matched embroidery floss to the color of the thread on the bag.

Tracing part of the “m” I turned it into an “n”.  Then it was a simple thing to stitch the “n”. Thus changing the “maid” into “man”.




3 thoughts on “Workbasket – Maid to Man

  1. I’m glad you are making the recycle denim project for yourself! That was the intent when gifted. I’m also waiting for you to finish your project and warn of all the pitfalls before I take on the recycled denim I bought for myself.