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Workbasket – progress despite illness

It doesn’t need to be personal illness that may interfere with progress. It might be illness of a loved one.  Over the course of the last two weeks, I experienced some of each.  As I type, I am still experiencing personal illness (darn cold). Let me up date you on my progress up until today.  😀


I backstitched the binding to the front of the pillowslip, being careful to miter the corners.

Folding the double thickness of binding over to the back, I then handstitched it down.


Here is a view of the front as I am sewing it down on the back.
Rounded my third corner, only one to go!
Front done with binding on
back view with binding complete
using the quilter’s choice white marking pencil, I marked the button placement
Here are the marks for the button placement
I had chosen these buttons because they were wood, a natural fiber.
using the buttons for size, I marked the button hole placement with the white marking pencil

Referencing Bernadette Banner’s YouTube video on Hand Sewn Buttonhole Stitch – Historical Techniques, I created the buttonholes.  😀

A peek of progress on the succulent wall hanging project…

Because I was home ill on Monday, I took some time to indulge in Monday Mending!  Recently I ordered this:

this is the SINGER Stocking Darner.  I ordered it from The Singer website. There were instructions in the box and it turned out to be a neat little helper that allowed me to darn two socks on my treadle machine.  I also hand stitched a bum seam on a pair of pants.  Yeah for me and Mending Monday!

My most fun success was to actually get the “Easter” sweaters to Gson #1 & #2…finally.

#1 will be able to wear his forever and #2 will grow out of his way too soon.  sigh.

See you next week!

4 thoughts on “Workbasket – progress despite illness

  1. What’s crazy is that I’m getting to the place that Charlotte is outgrowing before I finish the project! Better get my knitting fingers working faster!

  2. Your Hawaiian pillow cover is absolutely gorgeous! Glad you were able to work on and progress on projects while you were home. Usually I’m too out of it when I’m ill to want to work on anything or I don’t trust myself because I feel yucky! I hear you on the sweaters. I’ve had the same experience with growing out too fast. Had to laugh. Monday I picked up Charlotte from school and she had brought the alpaca sweater I had made last year and she swam in. Now it fits perfectly and she’ll be out of it before the school year is over.