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Workbasket – Sweaters nearly done

Nearly done

As of this picture, the only thing that still needed doing was the binding.  I finished it and gave it to WW for her birthday.

Closing up a sleeve using the mattress stitch

I have been very busy knitting the two little Christmas sweaters for the Gsons.  I haven’t been very good at taking pictures of ongoing progress.  At one point the boys were over so I had Gson#2 try on the “sweater” to judge if it was going to fit.  It wasn’t finished and the knitting needles were still it in.  He thought that was pretty funny.  Guess what? I didn’t get a picture of that either.  The purple sweater is all finished, except for the letter.

Enter a caption

The red sweater had already been begun as I came to pauses in the making of the purple sweater.  Then the red sweater was put on pause because I kept forgetting to put another ball of red yarn in my bag.


Back of sweater with the neck edge on stitch holder.

I figured that 6 rows were roughly equal to one inch.  I figure that I am 39 rows until I am up to the neck edge of the front of the sweater.

Front of sweater

This is despite having to frog several rows due to a horrible join of the new skein of yarn.

Ugly holes

I still haven’t decided what color to do the letter in…


3 thoughts on “Workbasket – Sweaters nearly done

    1. No, not really. I was just slow at posting last week’s workbasket, and little sweaters work up quickly. Besides, I make up for any speed I may have by pulling out many rows at time. Last night was 2 hours of absolutely no progress whatsoever. 😉