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Workbasket #9

Workbasket #8

Holidays certainly have a way of getting in the way of completing projects while at the same time giving us projects to work on (with a tight deadline, no less).

Birthday hankies in progress.  They are both completed. I can show you The “W” because I have already given this gift:



M loved the scarf!  She loves everything green and saw me working on this.  I received the greatest joy giving it to her.  She wanted to pay for it, so I asked for a photo with the scarf.  It even matched her glasses!

Remember this project?  I had to “frog” it because I failed to do a test swatch before beginning this sweater.  The needles that it called for and the fact that I am a “tight knitter” was turning out a sweater that was too small and the cable pattern wasn’t showing up nicely.  This also caused me to admit to myself that I was NEVER going to finish it before Christmas.  Time to start my plan B projects and save this for a future holiday gift.


This baby blanket is coming along, slowly but surely.  I am on the last ball of yarn, regardless of the ending size.  3 balls is plenty.  I am ready to finish a project.  It is also turning out surprisingly weighty.  I don’t want it to be too heavy to be of any practical value.  Each repeat is 15 rows.  I am currently on the 12th repeat.  We will just have to see how big it gets with this last ball of yarn.


Did you notice my beautiful row counter?  My friend DSH made it for me.  What a life saver.  I can knit along, changing to the next ring each pass.  When it looks like it is getting close to a change I can look at the counting chain to verify.  This allows me to get into my “knitting grove” and space off, at least for a little bit.

Do you have things that aide you in staying on track?

Workbasket #10