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Workbasket – WIP’s, UFO’s & PHD’s

Recently I have been able to post finished projects.  This is not a true reflection of my reality.  In the real world, my workbasket is full of WIP’s (works in progress), UFO’s (unfinished objects) and PHD’s (projects half done). If they aren’t in the workbasket, then they are hidden in the sewing room, allowing for plausible deniability of their actual existence. As the sewing room is being straightened out and organized, these hidden projects are again seeing the bright light of day. As they make themselves known, I am going to post them here.  We can all keep me accountable.  😀

This past weekend there was ice on the range in the students’ path of travel. This was an unacceptable safety hazard, so the riding portion of the class was delayed by one hour. Heading to the interwebs, I found this cute little pattern: “Three Piece Set Pattern #5143“. The little bonnet was too sweet to pass up.  This I started in an acrylic lavender yarn. Acrylic for maximum wash ability.

Another project is this baby set that I had already started. It is “Knitted Eyelet set for 3 months Pattern”.

As usual, I started knitting with wild abandon.  The  border pattern quickly appeared and was immensely satisfying. When I was completely done with the 20 row border, I realized that I wasn’t supposed to start with the border. There was supposed to be 14 rows of sweater before the border.  meh. Do you hear frogs?  The picture above with the grey yarn is how far I am right now after restarting the sweater.  :-/


This is the front of another Boutis Sachet, after having washed it. I call it Blue Boutis and there were originally two.  The washing machine ate one.  Completely ate it.  There is no sign that it had ever existed.

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To me, this looks like something that Edward Scissorhands might wear. This left pink glove is coming along nicely, even with all it’s knitting competition in my workbasket.


Wedding dress alterations for a friend.  (no spoilers here)


Hemming pants in progress

The progress of the denim shawl (for myself) has stalled a little bit.  I had actually had misplaced the project and was freaking out a little bit.  I found it on Sunday last.  It was in the back hatch of my car, in it’s own “project bag”.  Project bags are like “yarn bags” (reusable grocery bags), but smaller.

These are not all my WIP’s, UFO’s, or PHD’s.  But they are the only ones that I am willing to confess to this week. ;-D

One thought on “Workbasket – WIP’s, UFO’s & PHD’s

  1. LOL!!
    You are way braver than I am. Not willing to admit I have UFO’s or PHD’s, as those are usually tucked away at the bottom of Husband’s side of the closet… As for WIP’s I’m willing to admit to two of those. A graduation blanket, that is two years over due, and a baby blanket. (I did not just buy yarn last night.) Husband did… 🙂