Mending Monday – My/Pixie’s blanket

Many years ago, DW’s momma crocheted me a beautiful blanket in purple/lavender/pink yarn.  As soon as Pixie saw it, She KNEW it was for her.  I don’t want to give human emotions to a dog however, her face visibly changed expression when she saw this blanket. For awhile I maintained a brave front in the battle of ownership, but I lost.  Pixie loves this blanket. I used to wash it and put it out of rotation, but each time I brought it back out she would run over, rub all over it, flip it up so she could run underneath and then plop down on top of it.  All the while giving me serious side eye for “stealing” her blankie.

Over time the yarn that sewed the blocks together had come unraveled, making large holes in the blanket.  Some in the middle of a block pattern, but mostly on the edges between the blocks.

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I would always fix the holes, but they were quick (ugly) fixes with whatever yarn that was nearby.  They were fixes meant to keep the blanket from disintegrating, until I could fix it properly (attractively).  Recently we were woken up in the middle of the night by Pixie. She had been snuggled under her blankie and had somehow gotten stuck in one of the holes.  She was stuck good too!  After finally working her out of the hole, I made the decision that I would need to fix the blanket correctly.  The first step was to find yarn that matched the colors closely enough.  Then I fixed the holes that were currently in evidence (the one that trapped Pixie).  Finally, I removed my old “fixes”.

This left me with a pile of yarn bits:


1/3 of total yarn bits, from my old ugly repairs, that had to be removed before the blanket could be correctly fixed.
Center block hole all fixed

It did take me more than one night to fix all the holes.  All in all, it was a total of 3 nights.  The happiness that the dogs expressed at the return of their night-night blankie made it worth it.


A still photo does not do justice to all the jumping, leaping, rubbing and flipping that the return of this blanket caused.