Mending Monday

Between Christmas crafting and traveling, not a lot of mending has gotten done. I only managed to repair one item. A bag that was part of swag from races past. It has been used to take gear to gym. A much less bulky alternative to a HUGE gym bag.

It seems like such a little thing, the ends of the zipper coming out. It allowed the zipper pull to come completely off. 🙁 DW worked the pull back onto the tracks for me.

Tucking the ends back into the seam was the first step. The second was to run the pull to (nearly) the end of the tracks, to determine where the new stop needed to be. Using modern sturdy button hole thread, I whipped and whipped the end of the zip tracks together.

Then whipped the end of the zip to the bag. Not a lovely repair, but a serviceable one.